The Importance of Monitoring Hot Tub Water Levels

8 November 2017

Hot tubs are a great method to relax, but it is important to maintain the water for a safe environment. Properly maintaining your hot tub water’s chemical levels is important. The hot water can quickly allow microorganisms to grow, and some of them can be harmful to the hot tub user. While this may sound intimidating, regularly changing out the water and testing and maintaining the sanitizer levels prevents harmful germs from growing. A well maintained hot tub allows you to enjoy a relaxing soak without concern. Constantly regulating the levels of the sanitizing agent is especially important considering the small size of the hot tub, since levels vary more easily.

It’s important to always test the chemical levels before adding more, and to remember that a small amount can make a big difference. High pH levels can cause damage to the hot tub itself, as well as cause discomfort to the bathers using it. Chemicals such as chlorine or bromine kill the germs that grow in the hot tub’s water. The level of the sanitizer, pH level, calcium alkalinity, and calcium hardness need to be measured as they influence each other.

Eventually, even when chemical levels are balanced the water will evaporate and the levels of dissolved solids in the water will increase. It is important not to stop with topping off the water but occasionally drain out all the water and start again with fresh water. While it is inconvenient to empty and refill your hot tub, it is worth it to protect your health and the smooth functioning of your hot tub by keeping harmful microorganisms at bay.

Sunset Pools & Spas, a company which installs in ground hot tubs in Chicago, recommends, “Keep a testing kit on hand, as well as a dosage chart to reference when comparing the varying levels in the water. Frequent monitoring allows for easier small adjustments to keep the chemical balances in check. Large imbalances can lead to overcompensation and a lot of follow up adjustments involving a lot of chemicals.”

Maintaining the chemical levels in your hot tub’s water is important for your health and comfort, as well as the longevity of the hot tub. Chemical imbalances in your hot tub’s water can clog the tub’s filtration systems, turn the water murky, irritate your skin and eyes, and damage the lining of the tub. If you monitor your water levels regularly with a testing kit, as well as regularly change the water, you will enjoy your tub comfortably for a long time.