4 Games to Play on Thanksgiving

11 October 2017

Thanksgiving is a time for enjoying family fun and togetherness. When the meal is all done and everyone has awoken from their post-feast nap, it is a delight to bond with your loved ones over a holiday game. Playing together brings your family closer, and can help take off a few of those extra calories you just enjoyed!

Pin the Tail-Feather On the Turkey

Especially fun for families with smaller children, this variant of the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" will delight young and old alike. Have the children make a turkey, and several separate feathers of many different colors, out of construction paper ahead of the big day. Adults can attach push-pins through the feathers for safe handling. When game-time comes, simply blindfold participants and watch merrily as they stumble towards their target in an attempt to put the feather on the right part of the bird.

Turkey Feather Flag Football

Football is a Thanksgiving tradition in many places. If yours is a family who tends to eat their Thanksgiving feast earlier in the day, why not pack up the family afterward for a trip to the local park? Give it an extra holiday twist by attaching colorful handmade turkey feathers to the back of flag belts or the waistbands of your pants. When you are tagged with the ball, you must do your best turkey-gobble impression!

Game of Gratitude

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, try playing a game where your family talks about what it is grateful for. Color code assorted pipe cleaners to topics, to start. For instance, orange pipe cleaners could correspond to what places you're thankful for, while red could correspond to what people you are grateful for in your lives. Simply draw straws and enjoy a warm holiday experience.

Creampie Eating Contest

Thanksgiving is one day of the year where excess is to be enjoyed. Why not let your family go whole-hog into the experience by having a creampie eating contest? Simply fill foil pie pans with inexpensive whipped cream, line up contestants, and give them a mark to begin. But remember, no using your hands! Whoever finishes first is the winner.

It can take a lot of work to pull off a holiday like Thanksgiving. By putting the fun back into it, your family can participate in the true spirit of the holiday without experiencing turkey day burnout. Try out these fun holiday games with your loved ones this Thanksgiving.