3 Home Decor DIYs

25 October 2017

A house is just a house until you've put your own personal touch on it. The style with which you select your home decor is a reflection of who you are and what you want to say to the world. Do-it-yourself decorations are a great way to personalize the look of your home by creating unique items that will have your friends begging to know where you found them. In that spirit, here are three DIY home decor ideas to help make your house a home.

Personalized Utensil Racks

The best kitchen decor is both attractive and functional. Kitchens are the busiest part of the home so you want to have items that make your utensils easily accessible. Start by finding decorative jugs or mason jars to hold your various ladles, whisks, and carving forks. Three or four should suffice. Next, you want to find a simple box of weathered wood to store them in. You can make this yourself or find old wooden crates at antique stores. You can personalize these many different ways. Try nesting a bed of fake leaves or vines into the box, then set in your jars. If you have an artistic streak, you may try your hand at wood burning. Grab letter dies in a complimentary font and use the iron to stamp a positive message across your box.

Homemade Wreaths

Wreaths have been delightful ornaments in homes for centuries. They are easy to make but lend a stunning touch to any room or door they adorn. Your local craft store will have wreath-forms you can purchase to make your wreath sturdy enough to last for years. Simply choose your material theme, then begin wrapping, gluing, and tying your items onto the form. Choose complimentary decorations like wicker vines and pinecones, or flowers and festive garland. You can make wreaths from natural or man-made materials while customizing them for any time of the year you like. Try adding small photographs, or treasured keepsakes for an even more personalized touch.

Glass Planters

Home decor is rarely both natural and modern, but you can have both with a DIY glass planter. First, choose a suitable glass vessel to host your plant. Oversized novelty brandy snifters, fish bowls, or even larger glass serving dishes work well for this. Fill it with a layer of soil and peat before transplanting your cactus, small succulent, or flower of choice into the vessel. Blanket the top with an attractive gravel or stone to give a layered appearance. Talk to a horticulturist at your favorite gardening supplies store to learn more about what local varieties of plants you can use which require little-to-no drainage.

These three DIY home decor projects work best when you think of them as basic templates. You can customize them in a variety of clever ways using the skills and materials you have to make them truly your own. Be creative and enjoy this fun process.